Bytes of Byron - Winner of the 2014 Green Business Award from Byron Shire Council

Bytes of Byron Dentists carefully perform the following dental procedures:

  • Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Tooth Fillings
  • Root Canal (endodontics)
  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Complete & Partial Dentures
  • Dental Implant & Bone Grafts

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Federal Government Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Medicare-LogoBytes of Byron is pleased to support the Federal governments Child Dental Benefits Scheme which commenced on the 1st January 2014, and will replace the Teen Dental Plan. The CDBS will provide access to benefits of up to $1000 per child over a two year period for basic dental services to children aged 2-17.
This means that eligible children will be able to receive dental services such as examinations, dental cleanings, fillings, root canals and other basic services. Eligible children and their families will be notified in early 2014 by the Australian Government.
Bytes of Byron will be Bulk Billing these services so there will be no out of pocket expenses. It also Bulk Bills eligible Emergency Dental patients and Department of Veteran Affairs.
Find out more here: Medicare webpage

Bytes of Byron dentists practice Green Dentistry.

Byron Dentist

Green dentistry is a high-tech approach that reduces the environmental impact of dental practices and encompasses a service model for dentistry that supports and maintains wellness.
Green dentistry meets the needs of millions of wellness lifestyle patients, and helps dental professionals protect planetary and community health, as well as the financial health of their practices. Together, green dental practices, green dental patients and companies offering green dental products are transforming the dental industry through adoption of the EDA’s green dentistry model.

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Meet the Bytes of Byron Dentists

Byron Bay Dentise

Dr. Leigh Bayliss

Bytes of Byron Dental would like to introduce
Dr Leigh Bayliss.
Originally from Nottingham in the United Kingdom Dr Bayliss graduated from Liverpool University. He migrated to Australia in 2009 and subsequently ran a successful private practice in Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays. Dr Bayliss has always been a staunch advocate of amalgam free dentistry and treating patients with a holistic approach; assessing, correcting and preventing underlying causes of dental disease.
His philosophy fits in perfectly with Byron’s first Eco dentist which is focused on using materials that optimize patient health whilst having the least impact on the our beautiful environment. He is experienced in all areas of general dentistry from simple fillings to Orthodontics but also has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry, helping patients achieve their ideal aesthetic result.
Leigh’s other passionate pursuits include sailing, surfing and diving; any activity that that involves the ocean. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys immersing himself in other cultures and experiencing the fabulous diversity that exists throughout the world.
Dr Jon2

Dr Jon Veranese B.D.S. – a.k.a. Dr Jon

Bytes of Byron would like to introduce Dr Jon Veranese B.D.S. – a.k.a. Dr Jon

Dr Jon graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1983. After Initially working in the public health system at the Dental Hospital in Sydney Dr Jon travelled around the world seeking inspiration and worked in the U.K as a general dentist. He then settled in his hometown of Sydney and began practicing Clinical Dentistry. This is where the journey for him really began.

In the mid 90’s, Dr Jon faced his own health challenge After extensive tests and many medical opinions, he was resigned to the fact that this would be something he would just have to live with.

A friend invited him to go to a meditation night where after experiencing going within, he left the meeting no longer feeling any pain and in a deep state of relaxation. He began daily yoga and meditation practices and the pain has never returned.

His mind now opened to a new way of seeing, the mechanics of Dentistry only took him so far and he began to see and understand the correlation of imbalance in the body and the person’s dental and general health.

He furthered his interest in studying various modalities in Kinesiology including Touch for Health, PKP, 3 in One, Concepts, NOT and became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1996.

He also spent time travelling, learning from master healers and shaman the art of understanding and using energetic healing which added to the results he was getting with Kinesiology.

In 2004 he studied Blood Chemistry and Free Radical Therapy with Sam Queen and completed Kinesiopathy 1 with Andrew Verity, a combination of Kinesiology and Homeopathy.

Always looking for new ideas and technology, Dr Jon’s research brought him to the Avatar Bio-Feedback Electrodermal Screening System which has helped him to offer a more complete treatment system within the Holistic model of treating the whole being in the context of healing.

Also additional in his treatment protocol is the Advanced Biophyton Analyser, which aligns and harmonises the dental restorative materials with the body mind spirit matrix and creates isopathic remedies utilizing the body’s own healing mechanism.

Dr Jon has certification in raw food nutrition.

He has created his own line of dental health products and remedies to assist healing of dental problems.

The application and use of these skills in his practice of Dentistry has been integral for his development of a truly holistic mode of treatment that can be used as a model to integrate mainstream medicine with alternative health practice.

Bytes of Byron would like to introduce Dr. Nigel Cluer.

Dr Cluer has been practising holistic dentistry for over 25 years and strives to provide the most advanced standard of dental care possible.
He is proficient in all aspects of general dentistry including comprehensive treatment planning for complex functional and cosmetic cases. Having recently completed courses with world leaders in their respective fields he is positioned at the cutting edge of cosmetic and restorative dentistry and incorporates minimally invasive and maximally aesthetic techniques.
He uses thoroughly researched and clinically trialled biocompatible materials that are non toxic to the body and prides himself in safe mercury removal which requires a mercury vapour extraction machine, rubber dam with sealant, and pre and post operative administration of IV vitamin C with nutritional support.He understands the oral-systemic connection which is integral to overall health, in particular the links between gum disease and heart disease. Other areas of interest include his patients’ ability to maintain an alkaline state which not only affects the teeth but is a fundamental key to overall health. And how a healthy mucosal lining of the entire digestive tract is vital in maintaining strong immunity to disease.
Dr Cluer is happy to offer second opinions and staged treatment tailored to suit the budget.

Dr Bourke2

Dr Kathleen Bourke, BDSc (QLD), MDSc in Periodontics (QLD)

Bytes of Byron would like to introduce Dr Kathleen Bourke BDSc (QLD), MDSc in Periodontics (QLD)

My name is Dr Kathleen Bourke. I graduated as a dentist from Queensland University (UQ) in 1991 and worked as a RAAF Dental Officer. In 1999 I completed the 3 year Periodontal Masters Course UQ) and moved to Canberra, where I worked as a periodontist, both in the RAAF and in private practice. In 2005, I felt it was time to return to the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers to be closer to my family and thaw out. I am committed to providing quality care to you and your referring dentist at Bytes of Byron.

Services provided include:

  • Treatment of Periodontal ‘gum’ disease.
  • Placement of dental implants.
  • Exposure of impacted teeth/ fraenectomies etc.
  • Functional and Cosmetic ‘gum’ surgery.
  • Surgical extraction of teeth.


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